Changing the Face of American Politics.

SNAP PAC breaks down the financial barriers to politics by enabling low-income students to work as field organizers on Democratic congressional campaigns.

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"Thanks to SNAP PAC, instead of spending my summer working in fast food, I’ve been given the chance to organize my community and help take back the House."
— Adrian Gomez, SNAP PAC ’18 Adrian's Story

Who Are We?

There’s a big problem in progressive politics: we talk a lot about achieving economic justice and empowering diverse communities, but the way
we staff our campaigns doesn’t reflect those values.

In order to get started in politics, you need to work a series of unpaid internships –– a path that’s inaccessible to low-income and working-class students.

So thousands of young people every year miss the chance to launch their careers in politics, and progressive campaigns miss out on the next generation of leaders.






SNAP PAC offers the fix:

  1. We identify promising low-income students from public universities who are committed to progressive politics but can’t afford to spend a summer working for free.
  2. We offer online training, mentorship, guaranteed housing, and a $2,500 stipend.
  3. We place pairs of fellows on competitive Democratic congressional campaigns, where they serve as summer field organizers.
  4. Our fellows leverage their SNAP PAC experiences to launch careers in progressive politics.
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Fellows Sponsored

SNAP PAC fellows serve as field organizers, not interns: they are tasked with managing volunteers, organizing phonebanks, and running canvasses.

Dollars Raised

SNAP has funded more than 86,000 hours of organizing on progressive campaigns and sparked countless careers in progressive politics.

14 yrs
Progressive Action

SNAP PAC is led by dozens of Yale student volunteers, and we have strong leadership structures in place to ensure organizational continuity.