17 candidates across 16 states

This cycle, SNAP PAC has the privilege to endorse 17 phenomenal candidates running in close districts across the country, including in four states we’ve never endorsed in. In 2018, we shifted our focus to districts we believe are hyper-competitive, thus maximizing our impact.

Abby Finkehauer

“It’s inspiring to see young people like Nate join our campaign, getting hands on experience in the nuts and bolts of campaigning and learning how to make a difference at the local level here in Iowa.”

Angie Craig

“Josh and Savannah are passionate and hardworking and we are so lucky to have them on our team as we work to #TurnCD2Blue.”

Aftab Pureval

“Sammi and Titi hit the ground running on our campaign and have already made a huge impact organizing voters in Southwest Ohio. We’re so lucky to have them here with us.”

Ben McAdams

“Naomi and Alyana didn’t hesitate to impress — we put them to organizing our field program and their contribution to the campaign has been invaluable.”

MJ Hegar

“Jenn, Jendayi, Max, and Riya have been an incredible addition to our campaign team and have already played a huge role in helping us build a winning ground game.”

Dan McCready

“I couldn’t be more proud to have Kennedy and Cathy on our team. They both have the hard-charging spirit it’s going to take to win in this district and turn our country around!”

As a condition of our endorsement, our campaigns commit to supporter housing, mentorship, and a fulfilling experience as a Field Organizer. We only endorse candidates who care about progressive change within their communities as well as a great opportunity for our fellows.

Elissa Slotkin

“From marching with our team in the Memorial Day parade to knocking doors across the district, I’ve already seen what a great impact our SNAP fellows will have on this campaign–I’m grateful they’re here and look forward to seeing all that they will do this summer.”

Jason Crow

“Alek has brought energy, talent, and dedication to our team, and I’m proud to call him a member of Team Crow.”

Lauren Baer

“By providing opportunities for low-income students to enter politics, SNAP helps political campaigns reflect the diversity of our country—and that makes those campaigns smarter and more effective. Toni and Jared bring the kind of enthusiasm and passion we need in politics today.”

Perry Gershon

“Adrian and James have been an incredible addition to our team of field organizers. They’ve jumped right into the action and proven themselves to be highly capable and energetic whether they are staffing house parties, representing the campaign at community events, making calls to recruit volunteers, or knocking doors to talk with voters.”

Susie Lee

“I have great hope for the future when I see young people like Josh on the ground and working hard to get his peers involved in the political process. We are thrilled to have him on our team.”

Ann Kirkpatrick

“Our SNAP fellows have absolutely blown me away! Having young, motivated and energetic members of the team motivates me and the whole team to work harder and better and reminds us all of the stakes of the election this November.”

Brendan Kelly

Paul Davis

Gina Ortiz Jones

Xochitil Torres Small

Mikie Sherrill