Students For A New American Politics PAC

Change the face of  American politics.

High financial barriers make it impossible for low-income students to get their foot in the door of political campaigns. This means our progressive campaigns don't look like the communities they're hoping to represent.

SNAP PAC solves this problem.

We provide fellowships for underrepresented students to work on progressive congressional races across the country.


Your support matters

What is SNAP PAC?

Students for a New American Politics (SNAP) is a registered federal political action committee founded by Yale students in 2005 with the goal of getting more students involved with political campaigns.

Through the years, we've realized that one of the biggest reasons why young people struggle to join campaigns is that it can be hard to take an unpaid internship: many students are paying loans, handling the burden of medical or family expenses, or simply could not afford to skip a paid opportunity elsewhere.

To address this concern, SNAP PAC provides a stipend for students to work on a congressional campaign for twelve weeks the summer before a federal election. Our fellows work as Field Organizers -- not interns -- and are given substanial and meaningful work. They are also guaranteed housing, training, and support from political professionals.


Our Impact

As the only student-run PAC in the country, we understand how to reach young people and influence elections in a unique way. Since our founding, we've been able to flip district from red to blue, support candidates as they set the agenda in Congress, and sustain the progressive movement.

Our mission is two-pronged: not only do SNAP PAC fellows help elect progressive candidates to Congress now, but they will change what American politics looks like for generations to come.



Dollars Raised

We have no paid employees: dozens of Yale students spend a combined hundreds of hours every week helping SNAP PAC succeed. Median donation: $100.



Fellowships Sponsored

SNAP PAC has sent talented and motivated students to over 70 campaigns, and our highly-competitive application process ensures the best possible fellows



years of progressive action

Through over a decade of experience, SNAP PAC has refined its efforts in order to maximize our effort in the progressive wave during the 2018 election


SNAP has emerged as one of the more innovative and influential progressive organizations on American campuses. Beyond the assistance it is providing in the November elections, SNAP is playing an important role in shaping the future of the progressive movement.”

- The Nation

"When I was running for the first time, I was a long-shot candidate. One of the first phone calls I got was from SNAP PAC, and they told me they wanted to triple my staff ... We had two amazing students who were able to greatly expand the scope of our field operation ... It showed that somebody believed in us."

- Senator Chris Murphy

“SNAP is a focused, clear, simple way of investing in the next generation who are going to do the work for the decades of restoration and redirection and reinvigoration our country needs. These students are doing the right thing, and we all need to support them.”

-Evan Wolfson, founder of Freedom to Marry