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2018 is one of the most important elections in SNAP PAC's history: Congressional victories are essential to protecting progressive policies and resisting President Donald Trump.

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"When I was running for the first time, I was a long-shot candidate. One of the first phone calls I got was from SNAP PAC, and they told me they wanted to triple my staff ... We had two amazing students who were able to greatly expand the scope of our field operation ... It showed that somebody believed in us."

— Senator Chris Murphy


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Students for a New American Politics (SNAP) was founded in 2006 to give underrepresented students a chance to participate in progressive politics. Often, entry-level positions in politics are low- or non-paying. This means many amazing students never have the chance to get involved in politics. Through our fellowship program, we hope put progressive candidates in office while giving outstanding students the chance to learn hands-on and transform into successful leaders.

SNAP recruits fellows every election cycle and then trains them to work on a campaign. Most students work for twelve weeks in the summer months --although some stay through November-- as full-time field organizers. SNAP fellows are critical to the campaign:  Our endorsement represents a $5,000 in-kind donation to the endorsed candidate.

After their time on the campaign, our broad SNAP alumni work in many fields of progressive politics: Some lead social movements, others serve as congressional staffers, while other found charitable causes or NGOs.


SNAP by the Numbers

70% of SNAP's Organizing Fellows identify as people of color.

Since 2006, SNAP has funded over 120 organizing fellowships on 150 campaigns.

90% of SNAP's Organizing Fellows receive federal financial aid for college.

SNAP has raised more than $250,000 to support progressive candidates.

I’m a former SNAP fellow and have my own political consulting firm in Florida ... I’d never be doing what I’m doing now if SNAP hadn’t given me a chance and introduced me to a field that, it turns out, I love.
— Meagan Salisbury, SNAP Fellow

"SNAP has emerged as one of the more innovative and influential progressive organizations on American campuses. Beyond the assistance it is providing in the November elections, SNAP is playing an important role in shaping the future of the progressive movement. With its grassroots approach to electoral politics, SNAP is not only bridging the often-stark ideological divide between radical activists and pragmatic College Democrats on campus; it is providing a model for how to bring genuine political power to students."

— The Nation

SNAP PAC was a great program that gave our campaign a welcome addition to the team. ... One of the harder days of our campaign was saying goodbye to [our SNAP fellow]. I highly recommend SNAP PAC to any campaign in 2018.
— Congressman Ami Bera

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