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Our Story

"I am so eternally grateful for SNAP PAC, and I would have had none of this if I hadn’t been chosen for the fellowship."

-Chase Doremus, 2012 Fellow

"While working with SNAP, I learned how to stay optimistic under even the most stressful of circumstances."

-Monica Carmean, 2006 Fellow

"The fellowship gave me an opportunity to meet extraordinary organizers. It has opened up a new world for me."

-Samuel Delgado, 2016 Fellow

After poor performance by progressives and the failed Kerry presidential campaign in 2004, a few Yale students wanted to see a serious change in American politics. In 2005, they founded Students for a New American Politics PAC, a progressive organization aimed at not only fixing Congress but also improving representation throughout the political sphere.


More than 125 Fellowships

We've gone on to have some incredible successes, but we wouldn't be here without generous contributions from those who share our values. In order to ensure SNAP can maintain its mission and send as many qualified students as possible, we rely on your support. Your donation not only helps a progressive candidate get elected to Congress today, but it reshapes what American politics will look like for generations to come.

SNAP first endorsed 15 congressional candidates in the 2006 election. Instead of just contributing to their campaigns directly, SNAP organized qualified students to work as Field Organizers on these campaigns. This way, SNAP was not only impacting elections, but also changing lives. The fellows from our first cycle have gone on to pursue incredible careers in politics, policy, law, and much more — and SNAP was their first step.


74 endorsements across 26 states


Over $300,000 raised since 2006